Community Welfare

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Community Welfare

The Community Welfare office was established in the latter part of 2005. Heading the department is Sr Summayah who developed experience in this field throughout her years at the Islamic Cultural Centre. This office is responsible for facilitating workshops and conferences, plus exhibitions and fairs that benefit the Muslim community. Also on the agenda is the facilitation of workshops for service providers that will ultimately benefit the Muslim community. The office furthermore offers assistance to community members on many individual issues.

Women’s Department

The women’s department at the ICCI play a functional role in the daily administrative duties of the centre as well as addressing needs of the many women that come to the office.  This office also is responsible for organising lectures, seminars, conferences, and many outreach projects for the Muslim women in Ireland. In recent times the women of the ICCI have organised an ICCI Integration Committee and submitted a four year strategy action plan to the office of integration, in conjunction with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.  The ICCI women’s committee was established in October 2011 and consists of 17 women under the supervision of the Women’s Coordinator. This women’s group represents the ICCI in four different capacities: Integration, Education, Social & Cultural, and Community & Events.

The four sub-committees will on occasion nominate members to assist them for particular events, as the need arises.  The committee plans on a quarterly basis and will implement plans efficiently.  This committee will change from time to time allowing other members of the community to partake in organising events at ICCI.  The committee was selected from an active group of community volunteers already volunteering their time to many weekly programs at the ICCI.  The committee are responsible at all times to the ICCI Senior Committee and Management staff.

All events organised by the committee will be advertised on the ICCI website in advance and likewise a follow-up report will be available on the website.  The first event organised by the committee was Neighbourhood Weekend 2011 and the ICCI plan to do the utmost to build on the success of this event.

Women’s area

Due to the Islamic concept of modesty Muslim women have a separate area of the mosque for their use. This includes a prayer room and balcony overlooking the main prayer hall, a tea room, and a baby changing area, a meeting room, toilets, shower, and facilities for ablution. This section of the Centre is used for prayers and various religious, educational, and social programmes for Muslim women.

Presently the women’s area hosts on a weekly basis;
- Four English religious study circles,
- Three Arabic religious study circles,
- Mother & toddler group meeting
- Three various levels of English classes for women and
- Arabic class for women. 

These are set programmes, all other programs will be advertised accordingly.

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For further information on Community or Women's Activities, please contact Sr. Amilah at: 01 208 0000

Or send an email to: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

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