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Since 2002, the ICCI Youth Department has been active in order to provide Muslim youth with the opportunity to enjoy themselves responsibly, contributing towards Irish society while promoting Islam as a way of life. We want to enjoy our faith, enjoy our heritage, enjoy our culture and enjoy Ireland in all that makes it exciting.

For this reason, our motto is "Enjoy Islam, enjoy your heritage, enjoy your culture, and enjoy Ireland". We don’t want to talk much – we would like our actions to do most of the talking.

You can register for any one of our activities by filling-in an application form at reception.

Current activities for boys are:
- Swimming - Open Swim & Swimming Lessons
- Aikido (Adults)
- Muay Thai Kickboxing
- Taekwondo
- Jiu Jitsu
- Kickboxing
- Judo (Juniors & Seniors)
- Karate
- Pilates
- Sport Therapy

The Girls Youth activities are now undergoing reorganization and once the activities resume, this section will be updated accordingly. 

Should you have any queries regarding the Girls Youth activities, you can email the Youth Coordinator, Brother Zahri Dormushev

You can email the Youth Coordinator, Brother Zahri Dormushev at: Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or telephone 01-2080000 (extension 133)

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