Human Appeal & Islamic Relief Clothes Banks

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The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland is delighted to announce that the Human Appeal Clothes Bank and the Islamic Relief Clothes Bank have been opened at the ICCI. The collection of recyclable clothes aims at providing clothing to people living in extreme poverty, and thereby bringing smiles to thousands of disadvantaged faces, which in turn may give immense pleasure to the hearts of the privileged.

The clothes that are donated to Islamic Relief Worldwide (Ireland) will be brought back to a sorting depot in Birmingham, from where they will be distributed all over the world during emergencies and disasters. The rest of the clothes will be distributed and sold at Islamic Relief Charity shops, bazaars and abroad to raise funds for projects run by Islamic Relief.

All of the clothes that are donated to Human Appeal International (Ireland) will be immediately sent overseas to those in serious need.  Please use the Human Appeal Clothes Bank and Islamic Relief Clothes Bank to donate and support a wonderful cause.

Please make sure to put your bag(s) in the bank rather than leaving them outside where they could become a hazard as often bags are ripped or stolen and then strewn across the mosque car parks.

PLEASE NOTE: These are independently run services by Human Appeal International (Ireland) and Islamic Relief Worldwide (Ireland). Neither the ICCI nor any of its employees, officials and associates can be held responsible for its use.

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