Funeral Services / Mortuary

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"Everyone shall taste death" (Qur’an, 3:185)


The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland facilitates the removal and washing and shrouding of deceased Muslims.  

Washing and Shrouding

Islam respects the person in life and in death. When a Muslim dies, Islam commands us to bathe, perfume and wrap him/her in a shroud. Muslims are duty bound to ensure the place where the body will be received is clean.

The deceased is transported to the small mortuary on the ICCI premises. Here the deceased is washed with great care, maintaining the decency and respect of person throughout the entire procedure. Once dried, the deceased is perfumed and wrapped in a shroud. No other garments or jewelry of any kind are left on the body. It is obligatory for men to wash/shroud men and women to wash/shroud women.

Once shrouded, the deceased is then placed in a coffin (for ease of transport) and brought to a room alongside the prayer hall for family/friends to view. [This is done upon request only]. The deceased is then brought to the larger prayer hall for the funeral prayer, or alternatively, the deceased may be transported to another mosque for the funeral prayer.

The Burial, Grave and Positioning of Deceased

Each person is buried in their own individual grave. The Islamic Foundation of Ireland takes care of the burial arrangements. The cemetery requires 24 hours to open a grave and the following information needs to be given to the IFI.

  • Name and address of the deceased.
  • Date of birth
  • Date of death.
  • Marital status.
  • Next of kin name, address and contact  number.

The deceased is transported to his/her resting place in a coffin. Once at the graveside the shrouded body is removed from the coffin and laid to rest within the grave. The deceased is placed facing Mecca. The burial is speedy as with Islamic requirement and the mourners stand to offer special dua (supplication) to Allah for the deceased.

We seek forgiveness  for our brother/sister, we ask for steadfastness for them, for he/she is being questioned.


Condolences may be given to the family after the burial.

To find out more about the ICCI Removal, Washing and Shrouding Services, please contact::
Tel: 01 208 0000 or email.

To find out about the Burial Services, please contact:
Islamic Foundation of Ireland Tel: 01 453 3242 or email.