The ICCI is not just a Mosque. It is a centre point for the whole community, offering many services. On this basis the Centre is split into five main departments to which it operates. Please choose from the menu above or click the department you wish to read about from the list below.





The Administration is open to all enquiries.  It can be accessed from the top of the main stairs, on the right hand side, above the shop and restaurant.


Da’wah (دعوة) is an Arabic word which literally means to invite, call or summon. In the context of Islam, da’wah in its essence is to share/convey the message of Islam to people. Since the establishment of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (ICCI), the Centre has endeavoured to follow the way of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in its representation and teaching of the Islamic faith.

Community Welfare/Women's Department

The Community Welfare office offers information, support and advise to the community. It is responsible for facilitating classes, workshops, conferences, exhibitions and fairs that benefit the Muslim community. The women’s department at the ICCI plays a functional role in the daily administrative duties of the Centre as well as addressing needs of the many women and men that come to the office.

Nurulhuda Quranic School

Our mission is to provide our students with quality Qur’anic education so that when they graduate they perfect reciting the Qur’an, understand it and abide by the subtle Islamic ethics. This is achieved through well-planned organised educational and administrative performance.

Youth Department

Since 2002, the ICCI Youth Department has been active in order to provide Muslim youth with the opportunity to enjoy themselves responsibly, contributing towards Irish society while promoting Islam as a way of life.

Adult Education

Arabic, the mother tongue of more than 290 million people, is spoken and is the official language throughout the Middle East and North Africa.