Nurulhuda Quranic School



In response to the Muslims’ need for a specialised Qur’anic school, where the Qur’an and its sciences could be learnt, the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland decided to set up the Nur-ul-Huda School in 1999. An specialised committee was formed to supervise it.  It started off with just with 30 students. In 2000, the programme and the curriculum were set and in September 2000, the first academic year began with 50 students in attendance.

The numbers of students and classes increased rapidly every year. To cope with the demand Nur-ul-Huda School opened branches in various different locations.   


The vision of the Nur-ul-Huda School is to be an educational institution leading and distinguished in Qur’anic education at Irish and European level.


Our mission is to provide our students with quality Qur’anic education so that when they graduate they perfect reciting the Qur’an, understand it and abide by the subtle Islamic ethics. This is achieved through  well-planned organised educational and administrative performance.

Our Fields, Curricula and Activities

Firstly the Glorious Qur’an and Its Sciences

The Qur’an, including Tajweed and simple exegesis specified in consistency with each aging category, constitutes the main subject in the Nur-ul-Huda School. The entire Qur’an is taught over a period of ten years at the end of which many students have learn it by heart.

Secondly Arabic Language

In order to recite the Qur’an correctly one should learn its language i.e. Arabic. Hence, the school's educational committee mandates two basic Arabic courses.

Thirdly Islamic Ethics

The subject of Islamic studies, an elaboration of the most prominent aspects of the Islamic character in terms of belief, worship and transactions, is taught through a selected number of books and workshops.

Various Education and Recreational Activities

Fourthly Educational activities

An annual trip for parents and students to mix in a recreational social environment. 1200 people joined us for our last year’s trip.

The school administration conducts two parents-teachers meetings, the first is at the beginning and the latter is in the middle of academic year, where students’ performance, as well as a mechanism to follow up and the curriculum are discussed.

Annual Closing celebrationusually held at the end of every academic year, is the function where students receive presents, and students who learn new parts of the Qur’an receive awards. The distinguished students in every class are rewarded. This function attracts the greatest numbers of students and parents. Last year’s celebration was attended by more than 1400 people.

Since  it is always an essential item in the school’s annual plan, the school embarks on various specialised courses on the Qur’an, Arabic, teaching methodologies and administrative skills. In this regard the school has conducted more than 50 courses.

Total number of students registered for the year was 850 students.