Boy's Youth Club

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Boys Club Activities:

The boys youth club is divided into two groups based on age. Outings, adventure activities and sleepover trips can then be catered for better. The two age groups have separate halaqas (study circles) whereby they can address issues relating to them and discuss them in a relaxed setting. "The Cave" group which is for ages 14 - 17 meets every Friday at 4:30pm. This group was named after the youths in the cave - the story of them can be read in Surah Al Kahf (Chapter 18 of the Qur'an). The "As-Salam" group which is for ages 10 - 13 meets every Saturday at 2pm. This group is so named because the greeting of the Muslim is "Peace". The boys are coming up to the teenage years, which is a challenging time for them as they become young men. The purpose of the halaqa with this group is to teach them to greet their future challenges, new people, new schools etc with peace.

The room for the youth club itself is well stocked with games promoting team work and the larger table tennis/airhocky/foozball tables for some playful competative fun. 

Future plans for general activities for both age groups:

  • Martial Arts
  • School Holidays Camps        
  • One day’s Irish heritage trips              
  • Sports and competitions         
  • Swimming - Open Swim & Swimming Lessons
  • Different projects and activities throughout the year

Boys 14 – 17 years – every Friday 4:30 – 7:00pm    

Boys 10 – 13 years – every Saturday 2:00 - 5:00pm    

Football training of “Clonskeagh United” football team for:

Boys 7 - 9years – every Friday 5-7pm

Youth Co-ordinator: Zahri Dormushev


Tel:  01-2080000 (extension 133)