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Since the ICCI opened in 1996, the Library has been operating in order to provide information and knowledge about the Islamic faith, ethos and principles as well as the Muslim world, and to serve as a quiet environment conducive to learning.

Nowadays the library is proud to stock almost 10,000 books in Arabic, over 4,000 books in English, as well as books in many other languages including French, German, Albanian and Urdu.

Books can be viewed and read in the library premises. However, for those wishing to borrow books and take them out, one must be a member of the library.

Membership of the library can be attained by completing an application form in the library. 

Full book collection available for download.

Other services available:

  • Books can be purchased as well as children’s books.
  • Librarian consultation

Library Rules & Regulations

  • This area is strictly for study. (Study Area still closed at present due to covid restrictions)
  • Strictly no food or drinks are allowed in the study rooms.
  • Talking is strictly prohibited in the study rooms.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off.
  • Items should not be left unattended or overnight.  
  • Remember that this is a place of worship, No shorts or skirts above the knees are allowed.
  • The ICCI takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal properties.
  • Any breach of these regulations may result in disciplinary action, including banning.

Benefits for members include:
1) Borrowing up to three books at once, each book borrowed for up to three weeks, with a possibility of renewing each book for a further three weeks.
2) Receiving emails of library events such as our seminars at which authors are invited to the ICCI to present and discuss their books.
3) An online library catalogue system will be launched soon, whereby library members can search.

A wide variety of magazines and periodicals in English and Arabic are also available to read including Foreign Affairs, The Guardian Weekly, TIME, The National Geographic.

Library is open to borrow or buy books on:

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Times: 1pm - 2pm and 4pm - 5pm.

Tel: + 353 1 208 0000 / ext 132