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The ICCI facilitates marriage services. Those with stamp 4, EU residency or Irish citizenship who are looking to find a spouse are eligible to fill in the application form for marraige at the Centre. We are not accepting any other applications if you do not fulfill this criteria. This facility is open to both men and women.

Upon filling in the application form and submitting the relevant documents, an appointment to discuss the application will  be organised with our Head of Community Welfare.

For those who are already engaged and wish to book Sheikh Hussein as the solemniser of their marriage, they must give three months notice and supply the Imam's secretary with the relevant documentation from the Registrars office. The following links contain more information on this process:

Notification requirements 

Appointments for Marriage

Booking  Appointment with a Registrar in order to serve notice

In addition to the above, and based on the fact that Islam strongly encourages stability and continuity of matrimonial life, the ICCI provides a marriage counseling service. For further information on this, please contact the ICCI Community Wefare Office.

Please email for the form and any further details.

Contact the Imam's Secretary by email or call 01-2080000 (EXT 104)