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Announcement: Reopening For Prayers 1st December 2020

 The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland is pleased to announce that on Tuesday, December 1st,  we will be reopening the prayer hall for the 5 daily prayers. 

Please take note of the following measures below that the ICCI administration has put together following health and safety advice and consultation:

  • The mosque will reopen for the 5 daily prayers at a limited capacity to ensure we are adhering to government regulations and the 2 metres social distance rule.
  • Children below 12 years of age should not be brought to the mosque for prayer at this time. 
  • At the mosque entrance, security will be carrying out temperature checks before allowing admittance into the prayer hall. This is to ensure that attendees are not at a risk of infecting those around them.
  • Women will enter the women's section via the main administration area at the front of the ICCI.
  • Attendees must sanitize their hands upon entry.
  • Wudu/toilet facilities will be closed - please make sure to make wudu before attending the mosque for prayer.
  • The doors of the mosque will be open 15 minutes before Adhan of each prayer and closed immediately after Salah. Worshippers need to leave immediately after prayer and socialising inside the mosque must not take place.
  • Worshippers attending the mosque for prayer must wear a mask and bring their own prayer mat. Disposable masks and prayer mats will be on sale for those who do not come with one. 

We ask that the above points are respectfully followed and implemented by those who are coming to pray in the mosque, as they are there for the health and safety of all. The success of these health and safety measures and people's complying with them, will InshaAllah, help prevent COVID-19 from taking hold again, and allow for further restrictions to be lifted. We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to the ICCI, and pray that you all stay safe and healthy during the coming weeks and months as the country reopens again.