Boys Youth Club PS5 competitions with FIFA 2023

10 Nov 2022

After two years and after the long COVID the Youth Club of ICCI had the opportunity to organise the next, sixth edition of FIFA PS4 (this time was PS5) competitions this time with FIFA20.

The challenge this time was a coop teams playing to overcome other teams and become the winner. Playing PS5 is fun, but the boys proved that it is also a skill and we rewarded the best one with a Play Station Store Gift Card for the new FIFA 23 game.

October mid-term break provided the best time and we at the ICCI youth club provided the venue for that challenge.

The competition was not easy and the atmosphere was high like in a stadium! And last but not least the snacks time added for this enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone alhmdulillah.

We would like to thank everyone involved and special thanks for Abdulrahman Babiker for his great efforts taking a lead and input into the success of this event.

Stay tuned for the next “Seventh Edition” of the PS5 FIFA Competition!