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Community Welfare Update: Ramadan Inspiration Spot for Sisters

The ICCI community welfare department organised short weekday reminders during the month of Ramadan for sisters to gather together and share some Iman boosting reminders using the platform of zoom. The sisters really looked forward to these gatherings because again this year, our Ramadan was under the lockdown restrictions due to Covid, so while we could not physically meet, we could meet virtually. This meant, that not only could sisters who would normally meet in the masjid, gather together, but sisters from outside of Dublin and the country. We had sisters joining us from Pakistan and Morrocco.

The sisters shared hadiths and verses of Qur'an detailing how these touched them spiritually. They shared uplifting stories of their own experiences which bonded the group together in sisterhood. Some tears were shed and smiles were shared. They also shared their Ramadan traditions and dishes. The feedback on the programme has been unanimously positive, with the sisters wanting to continue on with something similar after Ramadan.

Just want to say thank you so much for lovely reminders throughout Ramadan.

May Allah reward all the sisters who attended. A special thank you to all the sisters who shared:

  • Umm Khalil
  • Sr Sarah from Portlaoise
  • Sr Tasneem
  • Sr Khadijah all the way from Morocco
  • Sr Morufat from Waterford
  • Sr Nuwriyah
  • Sr Maura
  • Sr Safiyah
  • Sr Fatimah
  • Sr Mariyam all the way from Pakistan
  • Sr Djazia
  • Sr Karima
  • Umm Hisham
  • Sr Maryam
  • Sr Barbara
  • Sr Amna
  • Sr Romaysa
  • Sr Asma
  • Sr Zovia
  • Sr Najet
  • Sr Souad 
  • Sr Ryma
  • Sr Aisha
  • Sr Summayah