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Discussion on Faith and Domestic Abuse

On Tuesday 8th September 2020 the ICCI hosted a vibrant informative discussion on ‘Faith and Domestic Abuse’ to address ways by which faith leaders in Ireland can help their communities to address the issue of Domestic Violence and harmful cultural practices.

Sheikh Hussein Halawa from ICCI and Sheikh Yahya Al Hussein from IFI both contributed positively to the discussion with representative from ODVSS (Offaly Domestic Violence Support Service).  Summayah Kenna facilitated the meeting and noted the positive outcomes that outline many productive measures that will be discussed at future meetings and plans for a larger program to address the topics with the Imam’s Council of Ireland.

Domestic Violence is a part of society that faith communities and particularly faith leaders can do something about.

Harmful Practices need also to be addressed in an understanding and educational environment.

It is planned to address these issues in detail and focus on a means, through education and awareness, to reach our community and pave a path to greater understanding and to eradicate misconceptions of Islam that can be derived from cultural practices.