Friday Khutbah: 9th February/28th Rajab 1445 with Dr Omar Suleiman

8 Feb 2024

The ICCI is delighted to be hosting Al Yaqeen Institute's Dr Omar Suleiman for our Friday Khutbah on February 9th! Khutbah will be at 13:10. InshaAllah.

Make sure you plan your journey well, so that you have plenty of time to arrive and find parking.

Please take note of the following parking arrangements for the afternoon so that you do not cause disturbances to our neighbours or other road users.

  1. Parking is available on site in the ICCI carparks & Muslim National School Yard.
  2. Parking is available in the Bird Avenue Church Carpark
  3. Parking is available in the Rugby Club Carpark on Bird Avenue from 11:30am - 3pm. Gates will then be closed.

If you arrive and the ICCI gates are closed, do not park on the green crescent or block neighbours driveways. Do not park on the cycle lane outside the mosque railings/gates. Go and make use of the legal parking zones mentioned above.

Bus route from town to the ICCI is the 11.

Nearest Luas stop is Windy Arbour which is a 15 minute walk from the ICCI.

There are also plentiful biking racks on site here for those cycling.

There will be overflow prayer areas available to listen in to the khutbah and pray, so please bring a prayer mat with you, in case you find yourself in one of those areas.

We look forward to welcoming everyone tomorrow.