Girls Update: Junior Eid Party & Teen Social

8 Jun 2022

The girls youth club had a busy Saturday with the Junior Youth Club having their long awaited Eid Al Fitr party and the teens having their halaqa and social gathering on Saturday 4th of May.

The Juniors had lots of fun playing snatch the flag in teams and zip zap with sister Tasneem to build up their appetite for pizza and goodies. We had 30 girls in total for our belated Eid party and it was lovely to have them all together having fun.

The senior girls had their gathering in the seminar room. To start they played the ice breaker 'people bingo' so they could get to know each other, followed by a halaqa on Friendship and Sisterhood, facilitated by Sr Marium. A kahoot quiz was played, prepared by Sr Aa'ishah, while they waited for pizza delivery! It was a lovely afternoon of bonding, and a kick start back to our teen halaqa after Ramadan.

For more information on the girls activities, or if you have time to volunteer and do activities with the youth over the su mmer, please feel free to email or whatsapp 0860651387