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Guidelines on tomorrow's elections and referendum

Divorce Referendum:

What's the referendum on? The proposal is about two issues relating to divorce, namely how long people must be living apart before applying for a divorce, and the recognition of foreign divorces. There will be one question on the ballot paper and voters can either vote “YES” to allow both changes, or “NO” to reject both changes. Voters cannot accept one change and reject the other.

Local Elections:

What are the local elections?

Local elections are held in Ireland every 5 years, in the month of May or June. The 2019 elections will be held on Friday 24 May 2019. At these elections, members of the local community elect councilors to represent the community in local authorities.

How to cast your vote in the elections?

1. You will be given a ballot paper with a list of all candidates running in your local area. Their party icon will be shown and most likely their photo as well.

2. To cast your vote, arrange the candidates by number in order of preference. Mark “1” beside your most preferred candidate and then “2” beside your second preferred candidate etc.

3. You do not have to arrange all candidates on the list, you may choose only a few or even just one of them if you wish to do so.

Who can vote in these elections?

You do not have to be an Irish citizen to vote in the local election. However, you must be ordinarily resident in the state on 1 September 2018, to register on the 2019/2020 register of electors.

See file attached below for more details on the above.