ICCI Annual Conference 2022

29 Nov 2022

The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland extends a warm invitation to you to attend our Annual Conference titled: "...With Insight....على بصيرة " on Saturday 17th December, from 9:30am - 4pm.
The Full-day Conference will consist of Talks, Workshops & Panel discussions by expert speakers on and around the modern challenges facing the Muslim community in the West.
The opening talk will be delivered on Friday 16 December, after Ishaa Prayer in the Masjid by Prof. Jasser Auda.
Our Guest speakers this year include:
Prof Jasser Auda, from Canada
Dr Basma Abdelgafar, from Canada
Dr James Carr, from Ireland

Make sure you do not miss this very informative event.

Register on Eventbrite in advance for the conference by Monday, December 12th