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ICCI Open Day 2018

Saturday, September 29th was a busy day at the ICCI. There were many different acitivities running throughout the day, all of which were open for public viewing.

  • The International Judo tournament 
  • Meeting with the European Insititute of Human Sciences
  • Consultation and reflection session on public attitudes to refugees and migrants
  • Women's lecture by Sheikh Hussein, translated by Dr Ali Selim
  • Nurul Huda Qur'anic School classes 
  • Youth club boys program
  • Tea/Coffee and Moroccan biscuits were served from the Moroccan tent on the green
  • BBQ

The offices were open for visitors and tours of the main prayer hall and building were conducted by our volunteer tour guides and members of staff. 

Thank you to all the lovely guests who paid us a visit. We really enjoyed meeting you and the conversation we had together.