ICCI Round Table Discussion January 31st

8 Feb 2024

On January 31st 2024 the ICCI hosted a roundtable discussion with representatives of our neighbourhood, members of An Garda Siochana (Dundrum/Blackrock/Clonskeagh/Irishtown), and members of the DLRCC, to discuss the ongoing issues of obstructive parking and blocking of access incurred by some members of our community on our neighbours, during Jummah prayer and major events at the ICCI.

The discussion proved engaging and fruitful, with much appreciated input given by our neighbours and respective guests, and the outcome although not immediate will in time help address our concerns for our neighbours and community.

Our thanks and sincere appreciation goes out to our neighbours who took the time to engage with us, including the respective business reps, and without a doubt much appreciation to the Gardai and DLR Engineers and staff who listened intently and contributed effectively to the discussion.

The ICCI will follow up with the recommendations given by both An Garda Siochana reps and DLR reps, with a positive outlook toward resolving matters successfully.

Present at the roundtable on behalf of ICCI were: CEO Ahmed Hasain and four senior staff members.