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ICCI Statement on FGM

The following statement has been released by the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland following recent comments made on national media regarding FGM by a member of staff.

The ICCI condemns the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). It is a practice carried out based on cultural non-religious convictions, with no association with religion whatsoever. The practice of FGM is from tribal pre-Islamic era.   

Islam specifically bans the practice of FGM as it is a barbaric practice and it is condemned in the strongest terms.  

Furthermore, it is imperative and without question that all people uphold the law of the land. 

Female genital mutilation is a crime and any perpetrator of this heinous act should and will be judged in accordance with the law.

We should carry on raising awareness until we attain zero practice & zero tolerance worldwide of this vile practice.