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ICCI Youth: ICCI Boys Club Bid Farewell to Ramadan Online 2020

This year’s Ramadan Program titled Ramadan Online was really special and unique for all of us. We did our best in the circumstances we found ourselves in to 'Explore the Spirit of Ramadan'. The COVID-19 pandemic happened at the same time of this year’s Ramadan and the lockdown which came with it. It was the cause of a truly unique state of affairs for all of us. All the boys, like everyone else had to stay safe and stay at home to follow the health and safety guidelines of the authorities of Ireland and to do their bit in the fight against the spreading of this deadly virus. 

It was very unique experience for everyone and it helped us to rethink and to appreciate the blessings we have. Blessings which many a time we take for granted, and which we were deprived of because of the lockdown. We used this time to help us to renew our connection and communication with Allah and the Quran, and to improve our commitment and worship of Allah.

From the 24th of April till the 22nd of May the Youth Club of ICCI ran its Ramadan Program 2020 for boys 13-18years of age. Every day for the entire month the boys met in front of their screens after salatul Asr and connected to our daily ZOOM meeting which was full of reminders, games, quality time and virtual Iftars together. The elements of the Ramadan program included:

  • Daily halaqa
  • Daily video reminder
  • Daily story of a Sahabah (companion of the prophet)
  • Memory lane flashback with pictures from previous programs with the boys
  • Group Qur'an Khatmah reading
  • Charity Online
  • Virtual Tour
  • Live coverage of the boys 10km run for charity while fasting, in different locations around Dublin.

The videos are posted on the ICCI Youth Club Facebook page and the ICCI Youth Club YouTube channel.  

We did our very best to ensure that this Ramadan was extra special, creating emphasis on the following:

  • Connecting to the Qur'an with knowledge and action
  • Compassion by sharing and providing for the needy
  • Helping and sharing in a good cause
  • Strengthening friendships and having fun

The boys had the opportunity to learn and experience the importance of Dawah by give the Islamic reminders themselves. They shared their daily “Ramadan under Lock Down” experience, fundraised money for charity, learnt to cook new dishes and have that much needed social interaction and laughter with their friends who they had not physically seen since the lock down began back in early March.

We remembered our brother Azzam (may Allah have mercy on him), who was tragically stabbed to death last Ramadan. We reminisced about the good times we all spent together, his infectious smile and good character.

At the end of every Ramadan we experience mixed feelings of sadness and joy, and this year was no different. We felt sadness because of the departing of this Blessed month, and joy because of the great memories of the time we spent together, even virtually, and the coming of Eid.

Overall, together with Allah’s great reminder about gratefulness, appreciating the many blessing He has bestowed on us with the lock down, the boys had a great time connected on-line together, exploring and utilising the Month of Change thus strengthening their connection with Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala and the Quran, which is the true spirit of Ramadan.  All that and more gave us a unique Ramadan experience, Alhamdulillah. 

~ Zahri (