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Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland Annual Conference 2019

The ICCI hosted the Annual Conference 2019 on 28th & 29th December 2019 titled 'Famly & Society Today'.

Our esteemed guest speakers were:

  • Sheikh Dr Omar Abdelkafi
  • Sheikh Dr Sohaib Hasan
  • Sr Khola Hasan


  • Sheikh Hussein Halawa

The program began with recitation of an excerpt from the Holy Quran by our young brother Khallad Hisham, followed by a warm ICCI welcome from Dr Nooah Al Kaddo, CEO of ICCI.

The event achieved maximum attendance and all appreciated the opportunity to hear our knowledgeable speakers address the topic in question. 

Sheikh Hussein began by elaborating on the objective of the conference and then we welcomed to the platform Sheikh Sohaib Hasan who delivered a talk on 'The Importance of Collective Ijtihad', which was followed by workshops facilitated by Dr Hussein Nagi and Kathleen Roche-Nagi from Approachable Parenting UK on the topic of 'Filling the Cross Generational Gap'.

In the afternoon we welcomed feedback from the workshops and an inspiring talk by Sheikh Omar Abdelkafi titled 'The Importance of Maintaining a Strong Family Unit'.  The program closed for the day following a short panel(Sheikh Omar, Sheikh Sohaib, and Sheikh Hussein) discussion.

Following Maghrib prayer the community welcomed an Open Talk in the masjid delivered by Sheikh Omar Abdelkafi.

On the second day of the conference we once again welcomed maximum attendance and started the program with a further recitation of an excerpt from the Holy Quran recited by Khallad Hisham, and then we were pleased to welcome Khola Hasan from UK to deliver a talk on 'Domestic Challenges Facing the Family Today' , this was followed by two workshops; one on Domestic Challenges, and one on 'Marriage: Expectations & Realities', both workshops brought forth many issues for follow up discussion.

In the afternoon we welcomed back Sheikh Sohaib to deliver a talk on 'Misconceptions of Shairah Council Rulings', his talk mainly focused on the misunderstanding of the rulings on divorce.  Then we once again welcomed back to the platform Sheikh Omar Abdelkafi who delivered his final talk on 'How to Fill the Gap' concentrating on the relationship between parents and children and then husband & wife.

Sheikh Hussein Halawa closed the program following gifts presentations to our respected guest speakers.

We look forward to facilitating many programs of this kind in the near future and thank all those who attended our program for the two days.