Islamic Will & Testament Seminar

16 Feb 2024

The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland is pleased to present a seminar on the Islamic Will and Testament. It will be held in the seminar room on Saturday 17th of Febrary from 1pm - 4pm.

Sheikh Hussein Halawa and Br Faisal Khan (principal lawyer at FSK solicitors) will be facilitating the session.

The seminar is free, however, due to limited seating capacity, people will need to register to reserve their spot.

The following will be covered in the seminar:

  1. Islamic Inheritance Permutations
  2. Guardianship Rights
  3. Inheritance Planning
  4. Joint and Mixed Property/Asset ownership
  5. Gifting & Distributions
  6. Protecting Assets for Beneficiaries
  7. Utilising the Wasiyyah
  8. Appointment of Executors and Trustees
  9. Funeral Wishes

You can register via this link.