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Mental Health Conference November 4th

Almost a month ago now we held our first Mental Health Conference in the ICCI which was a great success, with people who attended wanting more. Looking after one’s mental health and well-being is of utmost importance, and learning how to monitor our own mental health will help us in determining when we may need to ask others for support/help. It will also enable us to be there for others, be it within our own family or those friends/community members in times of need. The aim of the conference was to send people home with a more holistic view of mental health, to look at the positive side of mental health, as well as to get the conversation going again within the community. The speakers addressed the:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Sexual

aspects of mental health. Attendees were able to then give their feedback and views in workshop sessions.


Mr Tom Murphy (Cathaoirleach) opened the conference with a short talk, followed by Mr Jim Ryan from the HSE. The main talks of the day were given by:

  • Dr Suhail Rasool (Ireland) who spoke about our health and well-being.
  • Ms Myira Khan (UK) who spoke about what it is like to work with people of faith, and also working with culture, ethnicity and religion.
  • Ms Patricia Bourke (Mental Health Ireland) who spoke about the holistic view of mental health and well-being.

Four workshops were held in the afternoon:

  • Youth and Mental Health – Mr James Barry (Jigsaw)
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing – Ms Patricia Bourke (MHI)
  • Social Integration – Ms Myira Khan (UK)
  • Body and Mind – Dr Amira Ahmed (Ireland)

They were 25 minutes in duration with the facilitators rotating, so that each group got to experience each workshop. These 25 minutes gave people an introduction to the topic discussed and allowed them briefly to discuss and give their own feedback. Everyone wanted the workshops to go on for longer. As a result of such positive feedback, we are in the process of trying to arrange follow up workshops during the December break. To register your interest for these please email Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

The youth group thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with James Barry (Jigsaw) and it also gave the adults/parents in the other groups a taster of what to expect in the upcoming workshops with Jigsaw in January, which will be run by the ICCI youth department. To register your interest for these please email Enable JavaScript to view protected content. with “Register for Jigsaw Workshops in January” in your subject line.  Please state you child’s  name and age to register them for the youth workshop, and your own name and name of your spouse for attending the one that will be run for parents.


The ICCI would like to thank everyone who attended the conference and everyone who was involved in making it become a reality. It was such an enjoyable and positive experience.

Keep the conversation on-going and look after your mental health!

If anyone would like support in this area please contact the ICCI community welfare office.

Also, please find links below for some organisations that support people and their mental health.