Palestine Youth Expo

16 May 2024

The ICCI held its first ever Youth Expo on May 4th. The focus of this expo was Palestine. There was an amazing turnout for it, with the kids, older youth and parents all having something to cater for them. The events hall was set up as the activity hub, with the art/poetry gallery, food stalls, mini bazaar, art zones, story telling, tadreez workshops, reading zone inside the tent, charity stalls (Call of Hope, Islamic Relief Ireland, Human Appeal Ireland), IPSC stall, Irish Creative Arts Therapists for Palestine joined us to make postcards to send to the Taoiseach from the kids. We had wonderful guests, Sr Sara El Awaisi from Aqsa for Kids UK and Dr Khalid El Awaisi. Sr Sara engaged the children in story time and activities. Dr Khalid ran talks on Al-Aqsa the heart of the Ummah, and also joined Umm Hisham and Sr Shahd in the afternoon to talk about their experiences as a Palestinian from Gaza. The evening session was a combined session with Sr Sara and Dr Khalid for the older youth, and what their role is in the liberation of Baytul Maqdis. This was finished off with a very engaging & competative Kahoot quiz!

Some feedback we received:

Well what can I say? Huge congratulations on an incredible set up today, so so so so many activities to get children (and adults) connected to Palestinian people. It was absolutely fantastic. I DO NOT know how you managed it. The atmosphere was gorgeous. I enjoyed sitting with the ladies doing the embroidery and I left my little message on the post it, bought some lovely lunch from Khadija and checked out the incredible artwork. The kids were honestly having such a good time at the different stations. What a day. It was lovely and relaxed and just so welcoming. Thank you.

Salam Sr Amilah. Thanks for organizing the youth expo last Saturday. It was a wonderful event and girls learnt a lot about the situation in Gaza through the lectures.

Jazakillah khair for an amazing event yesterday. All of us, young and old, had a great day out and took away so much. Alhumdulillah Shukr Allah. Jazakum Allah khair to all the presenters, stall holders, volunteers and everyone who contributed