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Pre-Ramadan reminder with Dr. Timothy Gianotti

Ramadan is very close and we are getting ready for its arrival. On Friday evening, the 4th of May we got together for pre-Ramadan preparations with pizza.

The youth from the ICCI youthclub, had a rare opportunity to host a very interesting guest, someone who knew and was a friend of “The Champ” the “Greatest boxer” Muhammed Ali.

Dr. Timothy Gianotti (US), shared his story about Muhammed Ali with us, which created a great atmosphere of love for the “Greatest boxer” and appreciation for his legacy. Muhammed Ali’s example of great achievement was an inspiration for the boys, and showed that anyone can become “Greatest” in his strengths and abilities.

Dr. Timothy also reminded us about the great month of Ramadan and that the fasting is not hunger and thirst but fasting from bad talk, bad images, bad actions etc., the fasting is learning to control ourselves, our senses.   

The evening and the interesting talks finished with tasty pizza and great mood.

It was a great evening in preparation for Ramadan alhamdulillah.