Press Release: Condemnation of Israeli onslaught against the people of Palestine and the heinous assault carried out on the Al-Ahly Arab Hospital in Gaza

19 Oct 2023


Condemnation of Israeli onslaught against the people of Palestine and the heinous assault carried out on the Al-Ahly Arab Hospital in Gaza

Issued by: listed Islamic Organisations in Ireland

Dated: Wednesday 18 October 2023

For immediate release

We, the Islamic Organisations listed below, strongly and unequivocally condemn the onslaught being carried out by the Israeli Regime against the people of Palestine and further condemn the barbaric assault that was launched against the Al-Ahly Hospital in Gaza Strip, that was carried out yesterday, resulting in the loss of hundreds of civilian lives, including; patients, doctors, healthcare staff, and injured hundreds more. The ongoing attacks are indefensible acts of terror, especially in relation to the bombed hospital that was operational, with patients, health and caregivers, and internally displaced people sheltering there.

We believe that these horrendous attacks are against all human and moral values and mount to crimes against humanity that cannot be justified under any circumstances, and acts like this should be denounced wherever and whenever they occur.

We also believe the unconditional support and the blessing US has given the Israelis and the support or silence of many European Countries is what allowed the occupying forces in Palestine to perpetrate such atrocities without fearing any consequences, and this makes these countries directly or indirectly complicit in the crime.

We demand that our government of Ireland demonstrate bravery by condemning these atrocities,and taking necessary measures to ensure such massacres and criminal acts against civilians will not be repeated in the future.

We call on the International Community, the United Nations, Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Governments around the world for immediate effective actions to not only condemn this massacre,but also do everything in their power to stop the unjustified measures and brutalities the Israelis are perpetrating against the civilian population of Gaza in the name of self-defence.

We offer our deepest condolences to the families of those who were massacred, all those affected, and we pray that the wounded will stand strong once again,and that all who have been traumatised by these deplorable and brutal attacks will find peace someday, and rebuild their homes on their land.


• Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland

• Islamic Foundation of Ireland

• Muslim Association of Ireland

• Cork Islamic Cultural Centre

• Galway Islamic Cultural Centre-GICC

• Islamic Culture Center of Killarney.

• Dundalk Muslim Community.

• Islamic Cultural Centre Swords

• Cork Islamic Information Centre

• Sligo Leitrim Islamic Cultural Society

• Irish Muslim Cultural Centre.

• Al Munir Islamic Center Waterford

• Kilkenny Islamic Center

• Islamic Community Welfare Association of Ireland

• Lucan Islamic Cultural Centre

• South Dublin Maktab

• Kerry Islamic Cultural Centre - Tralee

• Kildare Islamic Cultural Centre - Newbridge

• Wexford Islamic Culture Centre

• Happy Muslim Family of Ireland

• Muslim Association Forum - MUSLAF

• AlKhidma Community Centre - Clondalkin

• Muslim Community of North Dublin

• Ballyhaunis Islamic Society

• Al-Awwal Islamic Center Dublin

• Tuam Islamic Centre

• Castlebar Islamic Centre

• Rahman Mosque - Portlaoise

• Daare Arqam Trust -Lucan Dublin

• Cavan Islamic Cultureal Society

• Carlow Islamic cultural centre

• Midlands Islamic cultural centre Tullamore

Photo from Gaza: Motaz Azaiza

(Instagram: @motaz_azaiza)