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Ramadan Countdown 2020

There are about 8 days left until Ramadan. May Allah bless us and allow us to reach this blessed month  and to write us as those who are forgiven and protect us from harm. Ameen.

If anyone has any days left from last Ramadan to fast they should do them now.

For those who cannot fast Ramadan due to sickness that is not temporary then his Fidya  is 10 euro, that is the minimum, but for those who have the means above average then you give in accordance to your condition. 

Remember, the intention is for suhoor and iftar for everyday.

If anyone knows of people in the community who need assistance during this time, those in lockdown who are elderly and have to cocoon for example. Or if you yourself are one of these people, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We must all pull together and help those around us in the best and safest way possible.