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Ramadan Competitions 1438-2017

The Da’awa Section of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland organised the 22nd National Ramadan Competitions 1438-2017 on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June. The competitions were a great success with participants coming from many different counties in Ireland.

With a huge number of reciters of the Holy Quran, the Quranic competition which consisted of ten levels: half juz, 1 juz, 2  juz, 3 juz, 4 juz, 5 juz, quarter of the Quran, one-third of the Quran, half of the Quran and the whole of Quran, created  a wonderful atmosphere filled with a hope of winning. The Quranic competition was judged by Sheikh Mohammad Ibrahim and Sheikh Eid Zaher.

Likewise, there were approximately thirty competitors competed in the other two competitions, Sira and a Book Review Competitions. Sira competition was for the fifth time based on Arraheeq Al Maktoum book,  but this time, it was targeted at Non-Arab speakers and the Arab children to whom the Arabic is not their mother-tongue.  

Regarding the Book Review competition, it was organised as explained in the book "The Muslim as a European Citizen".

At last, we would like to thank all the families who urged their children to memorise the Holy Quran and were keen to teach them the Sira of the Prophet (p.b.u.h), to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet (p.b.u.h).  And we offer our sincere appreciation to Al Maktoum Foundation for their generous sponsoring of these competitions. May Allah give them a great reward in this world and the hereafter.

The result will be announced in the giving Prize Ceremony, so, we ask you kindly, to follow us, to know the time.