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Statement in relation to the telecommunication equipment the ICCI hosts

28 May 2021

The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland hosts the telecommunication equipment on its rooftop for the last 15 years. The equipment belongs to Vodafone and Eir.  Recently Eir carried out some works related to upgrading their equipment; this work was approved by ICCI Management and Management ensures the work conforms to all health and safety regulations.

We, in the Management of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, categorically refuse and refute any negative allegations made regarding the equipment, the work carried out, and the speculation about health & safety concerns.

Management further wishes to assure everyone that the equipment we host belongs to the two most reputable telecommunication companies in the country whose works are regulated and licensed by the Government’s National “Commission of Communications Regulation” which has confirmed to us that the equipment we host are not of the types that are harmful, knowing that there are thousands of these sites all over the country on public buildings, commercial buildings and even residential buildings all licensed and regulated by the Government.

That is to say, we are one of the thousands of sites spread nationwide. The Commission of Communications Regulation whose responsibility is regulation of the electronic communications sector which includes radio communications, telecommunications and broadcasting transmission in Ireland has assured us that the type of telecommunications equipment used in our site fall under non-ionizing radiation “which do not normally have sufficient energy to produce ionization in the matter, as such, it does not cause any harm to health”.

For further information regarding health & safety and the scientific proofs issued by legal authorities we advise all concerned persons to source the reliable information from the website of the ‘Commission of Communications Regulation’.


ICCI Management