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The Centre Holds Prize-Giving Ceremony for Ramadan Competitions

The Da’awa Section at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland convened the prize-giving ceremony on Saturday 16/09/2017 at 5pm in the ICCI Multipurpose Hall. The prizes were awarded to the winners in different competitions which took place during the Ramadan 2017-1438.

A number of families gathered to celebrate with their children and to have them honored by the CEO Dr Nooh Alkaddoo and the Imam Hussein Halawa.

174 participants came from all over Ireland, competing with each other in the Quranic competition which consisted of ten levels: half juza, 1 juza, 2 juza, 3juza, 4 juza, 5 juza, quarter of the Quran, one-third of the Quran, half of the Quran and the whole of Quran.

Likewise, there were approximately thirty competitors who have competed in the other two competitions, Sira Competition which was organised for the fifth time in accordance with Arraheeq Almakhtoom book,  but this time, it was targeted at Non-Arab speakers and the Arab children to whom Arabic is not the first language.  

Regarding the Book Review competition, it was run as explained in  Book (The Muslim as a European Citizen).

It was a wonderful evening to celebrate with friends and families and everyone seemed very pleased with his/her reward.  The reward in the Hereafter is better and everlasting while the enjoyment of the life of this world compared with the Hereafter is little.  The Da’awa Section of the ICCI would also like to offer their appreciation and gratitude to Al Maktoom Foundation for their generous sponsorship.

Below is a selection of photos from the ceremony.