Update: Boys Hike June 8th

8 Jun 2024

Our exploration continues… “Discovering Allah’s Beautiful Creation”, the title of our program opened up yet another beautiful place in Ireland. This place was not far away from Dublin.

Glendalough, the Round Tower, the river, the waterfalls, the forest and the valley amazed us with the natural beauty, wild animals and also history.

It was the Boys Hike on the Wicklow Mountains on Saturday 8 June 2024 in a glorious summer day.

We experienced the natural beauty of the Glendalough lake, the early life in that area, the seemingly relaxed wild deers grazing around, people who were doing extreme rock climbing, our own climbing of a high hill, breath taking views form the top of the mountain and more…

We also got to know the interesting history of the Mining in Glendalough which dates back to the 1790's where lead, zinc and silver were mined.

We really enjoyed the walk, the sceneries, the clean air and clear sky, the historic sites, snacks breaks and the best ending with tasty Ice Cream in this beautiful summer day.

It was great experience for all alhamdulaillah.