Update: Boys Hike

20 Aug 2023

The Youth Club organised another challenging hike for boys 14-17 years of age: “Discovering Allah’s Beautiful Creation”. It was a journey through nature where we appreciated many of the beautiful creations of Allah.

Photo Gallery

A high mountain, lake, clouds, wind, forest, wild tasty blueberries. All of these reminded us about the Paradise.

This was a beautiful not far away from Dublin, in the Wicklow Mountains.
This was our second journey to Lough Ouler – the lake shaped like a heart.

It is a quite difficult climb to the top of the mountain because we had to go through boggy terrain and hills but it was all worth it when
we reached the top of our destination to discover below perhaps the most beautiful lake hiding among high hills.
A beautiful analogy is that this lake is hidden and protected by the hills from all sides like the heart is
hidden and protected in the chest.
We went down to the lake and some of the boys took a dip to discover that the water is quite cold.
also on the way we discovered a lot of wild blueberries and they turn out to be very tasty.
The best part was the drone we had and took some stunning videos with it. Follow the link to find
out more: Drone Footage
This hike was a really unique experience for everyone.
We all enjoyed the walks, the sceneries, clean air, the clouds, the beautiful sky, snacks breaks and
more in this glorious place.
It was great experience for all alhamdulillah.
Look out for the next adventure Insha’Allah

~ Zahri