Update: FIFA World Cup 2022 in the Youth Club

12 Jan 2023

The Youth Club of ICCI had the opportunity to be host for the boys watching the great FIFA World Cup 2022 Competition in Qatar.

The Best World teams playing, the best football players at their best performance, group stages and knock out stages, Morocco football team and all the drama, all the hustle and bustle around the teams and games, exciting games, friends, snacks and pizza, and more and more…

One month went so fast with FIFA World Cup 2022 in the youth club, which was packed with great time, unforgettable moments, lots of joy and drama, prayer and gratitude, chanting and laughter and much more…

For this very reason, the ICCI youth club collaborated with the boys from Muslim Youth Ireland and the One Body One Ummah, provided the venue and snacks for this great competition and we all organised it and enjoyed together alhamdulillah!

As one can imagine the atmosphere was high like in a stadium, the experience was really unique and the pictures will say it all!

We would like to thank everyone involved for the success of this month of football joy in the youth club!