Update: National Day of Commemoration July 14th 2019

17 Jul 2019

The National Day of Commemoration took place on Sunday, July 14th , which is the nearest Sunday to July 11th, the anniversary of the date in 1921. The ceremony is in honour of all the Irishmen and Irishwomen who died in past wars or on service with the United Nations. This year the ceremony took place in Collins Barracks, Dublin. Sheikh Hussein Halawa and senior members of the Islamic Cultural Centre’s management team had the pleasure of attending this event. Sheikh Hussein, along with other representatives of the Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu faiths, contributed to the ceremony with a recitation from the Qur’an. This recitation can be viewed on the RTE Player at 10:23 minutes of the National Commemoration coverage. It will also be uploaded to our Facebook page.