Update: Seminar on the Islamic Will

23 Feb 2024

The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland organized a one day Seminar on 17/02/2024, delivered by the head of our Dawah department Imam Hussein Halawa and Mr Faisal Khan (Solicitor). The Seminar demonstrated the General Islamic Knowledge about the Islamic Will in Shari’ah and the Will according to the Irish Law, which was extremely beneficial to the attendants.
Imam Halawa clarified how it is the duty of every Muslim who has anything to bequest, not to let two nights pass without writing a will about it, and mentioned the importance of the Islamic Will in Shari’ah and its Islamic rulings.
Mr. Faisal Sadiq Khan is specialised in Civil Litigation, Immigration, Corporate Immigration, Commercial disputes, wills/inheritance and Family law.
Mr Khan in his Talk, raised a question, why make Wills & Trusts in Ireland? Responding on it, through varied aspects, such as: utilising the Wasiyya, appointment of Executors and Trust, Protecting assets for beneficiaries, Charitable gifting, and so on.
The Seminar concluded with the Panel Discussion about the Wasiyyah according to the Irish Law, which was fruitful to all attendants inside and on the ICCI Facebook.
At the end, Da’awa Section in ICCI would like to express their thanks to Imam Hussein Halawa, and Mr Faisal Khan, and Dr Ali Selim for his translation and everyone was involved in this intensive program.

Recordings can be found on our Facebook page:

Part 1

Part 2

~ Sheikh Eid