Update: Talk on the Islamic Will & Washing and Shrouding Course

9 Jan 2023

The ICCI started its four part series of lectures titled: The Hereafter on Friday, 30th of December.

The first part on Friday 30th of December with Imam Hussein Halawa covered the Islamic Will. You can watch it back on our Facebook page.

The second part took place on Saturday 31st of December with Imam Hussein covering death and dying from an Islamic perspective and the theory behind the washing (ghusl) and shrouding of the deceased.

Both lectures were translated by Dr Ali Selim.

This was followed by an engaging practical demonstration in the mortuary by Sheikh Eid Zaher. He gave the demonstration in English and each participant was given a booklet detailing the washing and shrouding course. This illustrated the steps of washing and shrouding. You can view the slides here.

Part 3 and 4 will take place on January 21st and 28th inshaAllah.