Update: Washing and Shrouding Workshop

29 Aug 2022

Sr Amilah facilitated a washing and shrouding workshop for the sisters in collaboration with Sr Fatima from the Muslim Youth Leaders. They were given a tour of the small mortuary so that they could visually imagine as the workshop and practical went on, how it would be to work as a team in the room.

It was a very engaging and interactive session. Participants were very involved in asking questions and assisting in the practical aspect at the end where two volunteers were shrouded.

There was an interesting participant led discussion for those who stayed after the workshop on how culture can play a big role in misconceptions around the dos and don'ts of taking care of the person in death, washing/shrouding, visiting graves etc... Having the correct knowledge is so important.

Thank you to everyone who attended. InshaAllah it was of benefit. If anyone is interested (male or female) in attending washing and shrouding workshops in the future, please send an email to: amilah@islamireland.ie or fill out the MYL link for brothers here.