World Arabic Language Day 2023

7 Dec 2023

Arabic Language Day 2023 will take place on Sunday December 17th. It will involve an International Arabic Language Day celebration, which will be held in the ICCI events hall from 1:00pm - 2:30pm. This will be followed by a symposium on the reality of the Arabic language in Ireland: opportunities and challenges from after Asr until Maghrib, with the participation of teachers experienced in teaching the Arabic language in Ireland. The celebration also includes a special section honoring the teachers of Arabic of the Leaving Certificate as well as the participating schools for their role in serving the Arabic language in Ireland.

There will be an Arabic and Islamic schools exhibition, which will start in the morning and will continue until the end of the celebration, as well as an Islamic Calligraphy exhibition and Arabic Book Fair which includes an exhibition of Arabic books (new and used).

In addition, the ICCI will be hosting a training and development course targeting Arabic language teachers:

Presented by Dr. Ahmed Al Ruhban, trainer and Lecturer of Arabic for non-native speakers at Ibn Khaldoon University in Istanbul.

The first course entitled Developing Conversational Skills in the Arabic language will be presented on Monday, December 18, between 9 am and 4:30 pm.

The second course, entitled Active Learning, that takes place on Tuesday from 9 am and 2 pm

To register and reserve a seat in the course, you can register by email to [email protected]