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Youth Award Ceremony with Sh. Abdelhai Yousif

Award Ceremony with Reminder from Sheikh Abdelhai Yousif was the latest event for boys organised by the Youth Department here in ICCI.

Dr. Abdelhai Yousif, gave a very eloquent reminder to the youth referencing with the lives of some of the great Sahaba in their early years. The great deeds they did in those early years of their life, leaving timeless role models and inspiration for all of us.

After the inspirational talk, Dr. Abdelhai Yousif handed out trophies to those youth who have excelled in the last camps and the activities of the Youth Club alongside those who have taken steps in their personal development. 

Together with the awards ceremony, the youth department on behalf of ICCI presented presents to all the youth and the parents in commemorating 20th anniversary of the opening of ICCI the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland.

The presents were presented by our honourable guest Sheikh Abdelhai Yousif and created really enjoyable atmosphere.

The youth department would like to thank all the participants and the parents who took part in our event and to all the parents for their continued support of the youth work here at ICCI. 

We would like also to thank our guest Sheikh Abdelhai Yousif for sharing his wisdom with us, and to thank Dr. Ali Selim for his brilliant translation into English so everyone benefited from our program.