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Youth Department's First Annual Parents and Youth Meeting

Following a successful two years of youth activities, on Sunday 17 September2017, ICCI Youth Department held a meeting with parents aiming at improving the youth work.

Working together with parents/guardians is essential, therefore it was decided that this general meeting will be established as a yearly event InshaAllah (by the Will of Allah).

Br Tafazal Mohammed from Muslim Youth Skills UK was a moderator and trainer at this meeting, where the parents participated in a workshop-training about the teenagers, the youth work, its challenges and specifics and the great importance of having a good alternative for youth's ever-changing needs.

The need of establishing good and sustainable relations with the parents was reaffirmed in order to make sure that the best care is provided to the youth. 

Workshop and Q&A sessions were also carried out throughout the meeting. It was a very fruitful meeting whit many real life examples, where many concerns were expressed and suggestions were given.  Amongst them were “The Parents have to be involved with the youth work, Training for leaders, Parents training – parenting courses, survey of the parents to establish community needs, The parents have to be aware of what is happening in the schools and the trends which their children are interested in, The need and importance of the Volunteers to help out with the work in the youth club”, and more. 

This was our second meeting and first Annual Parents and Youth Dept Meeting as established as an annual event.

The Youth Department of ICCI is very grateful to all the parents who attended and benefited the meeting and we believe that many other parents had an intention to attend and will join us, in our next meetings and events.