Youth: Junior Boys Weekly Programme

7 Dec 2023

The ICCI Youth Club is pleased to announce the restart of the Junior Boys Weekly Program.

The Junior Youth Club Program will be a Membership based.

Every member will have the access to the yearly program of the Youth Club which will include and not limited to: - Adventure trips, Islamic reminders, Youth Club games, Mountain hikes, sleepovers and trips, sports and competitions, regular weekly program, team games, recreational activities, social skills and more…

The weekly activates program will be open every Saturdays for boys from 2pm – 5:00pm(summer time), and 1pm—until Magrib prayer (winter time)

Exiting time for the boys full with activities, knowledge and good time…

How to join?

1. Fill in the Membership form;

2. The annual membership fee – it is free (there will be fee for some of the activities).

Please note the following times for Regular Weekly Program:




1.00pm – 3.00pm

Islamic stories and recreational games and activities


Indoor Football, volleyball, PS4, Table tennis, games...