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Youth Leader Training 2020

Update: Youth Leader Training

As part of an ongoing capacity building and development initiative, the ICCI Youth Department successfully delivered the fifth annual programme aimed at youth coordinators, youth workers/leaders, parents, and individuals who want to address the multiple concerns, issues and challenges faced by Muslim youth.

This year’s program took place online over Zoom platform, marked by the COVID-19 Pandemic, which created the challenge of how we will respond to it.

On Sunday 11 October 2020, the ICCI Youth Department held our annual training, where we tried to explore different ways of how to continue our work under the current situation and make it even better.    

The programme is a continuation of efforts aimed at creating sustainable responses, which will empower our Muslim youth to become good individuals and future leaders, insha'Allah.

We also discussed the findings from an earlier parent’s survey and workshop and put some action plans down for the near to immediate future. 

Brother Zahri the ICCI Youth Coordinator together with Brother Tafazal Muhammed from Muslim Youth Skills UK delivered another insightful and beneficial experience for all the participants. The intended outcome of the workshop was a year-long program for the youth in the light of the current situation and the opportunities it presents for us.

A year-long plan was discussed, based upon:

- Technology being accessible by children and young people and how youth leaders need to connect with them via online platforms;

- Digital Outputs - Online youth engagement sessions. Three case studies were shared.

- Tools and resources available;

- How young people would be involved to help create the plan.


The following themes were agreed upon as guidelines that would cover the following year:

1. Cyber safety/social media

2. Mental health

3. Body image/nutrition, body building/fitness

4. Relationships/family/friends/company

5. Finances and budgeting

6. Education and career options

7. Volunteering and leadership

8. Image of Muslim- photo-story/videography - doing charity and help others in need

9. Bullying – physical and cyber bulling

10. Mentoring

11. Inspiring Local People (role models)

12. How to live a (specific) noble life

Each theme needs to be broken down into 4 sub-topics that would cover it over a month.

The overall recommendation was to focus on digital work for now and resume face to face activities when it is allowed.

Our youth are our future, and it is important that they are not left out because of inability to have physical meetings and activities, rather it is vital to continue communication with them and make them heard and supported. 

The Youth Department would like to sincerely thank all the participants and our trainer for their valuable input and insights in this crisis we are living in, so let’s not waste this crisis.