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Youth Talk: Muslim By Name! ~ Naughty By Nature?

The youth club is inviting Br Tafazal from Muslim Youth Skills UK  to engage the boys (14 - 17 years old) in an enlightening evening, with a talk titled: “Muslim by name!  Naughty by nature?”

Are you a young Muslim but confused about your identity?
Tempted by making a 'quick buck'?
Want to make it 'big time'?
Come along to a talk at the Islamic Cultural Centre, where bro Tafazal will share his experiences about young people who got involved in wrongful activities and ended 'banged up' in prison.
If you think you're going to 'get rich quick or die trying', think again!
“Death is going to come to us all, but how will we face it being a thug?”

Place: ICCI Youth Club
Date: 22 Sept 2018
Time: 5:30pm
Feat: Guest from UK & Pizza…

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