Youth Update: Cyber Safety Workshops

23 May 2022

The youth department of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland organised cyber safety workshops with cybersafe kids on Saturday 21st of May. A workshop was held for the primary school ages of 3rd/4th class combined and 5th/6th class combined with Ms Aoife Kelly facilitating. She engaged the children very well and got them thinking about the importance of being safe online. They asked very relevant questions and shared their ideas and input into the topics that she covered. It was a very successful afternoon. Thank you to the Principal Mr Mc Donnell and the teachers of the Muslim National School for helping with the advertising and encouraging attendance.

The parents workshop will be running on Saturday 28th of May at 2pm in the seminar room. Places are limited, so registration is necessary. Please email or send a whatsapp message to 0860651387 in order to register.