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Youth Update: Pro-active citizenship workshop

The Youth Department in collaboration with ICI, the Immigrant Council of Ireland, held a workshop titled: “Pro-Active Citizenship” for boys and girls between 17 years of age or above on Saturday 25th of January.

We would haved liked to have seen more attending, however, it was a matter of quality instead of quantity, with those in attendance showing great interest and asking a lot of questions.

It was  an eye opener for certain participants, especially when they realised that one of the elected councillors was a member of the Muslim community.

An Internship program that is run with councillors was introduced and we have encouraged the participants to apply when the time comes.

We stressed the fact also, that the second generation, born in Ireland, should be politically active if they want their voices to be heard.

We all agreed that this workshop was  long overdue and we need regular ones in the near future, because  Active Citizenship is a process and has to continue.

Watch this space for the next workshop for the youth.


Note: This workshop was organised for the youth, however another workshop on the same topic is organised for the Muslim community on Saturday 1st February 2020 in the Seminar Room from 1:00pm – 2:00pm. We hope to see a larger group of elders there!