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Youth Update: Ramadan Online - Youth Program

Youth Update: Ramadan Online – Youth Program

The ICCI youth club is exited to introduce this year’s Ramadan program for boys aged 13-17 years.
As we are in very unique situation in the midst of the COVID-19 lock down, we have come up with a
unique program for this year. This year’s Ramadan program is titled “Ramadan Online” and it will be over our
social media outlets from the comfort of our homes. We are really excited about the uniqueness of
this very special time and our intention is to make this year’s Ramadan program a very special one.

The program will feature: Ramadan Quran Challenge | Daily Reminders | Flashback Memory Line |
Surer-stars Sahaba Stories | Ramadan Home Vlog | Practical Dawah Training | ZOOM Meetings |
Virtual Iftars and Snacks time | and more…

If anyone who is not in touch and would like to take part in the program, please text or email your
name and number to the youth coordinator to be included in the online group.

Phone: 0892559416
ICCI Youth Coordinator