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Boys (14+) Youth Update - Exciting Winter Challenge Trip Dec 2018

In today’s world the Muslim youth are facing more challenges than ever before and we as the ICCI youth department are determined to try to address them in a positive way, hence the theme of this camp: Facing the Challenges

We took the bus from the ICCI early morning on Saturday December 22nd and drove to the Carlingford Adventure Centre which is located very scenically beside the Irish Sea in County Louth. After settling themselves in, their first adventure began with a 3D Maze in complete darkness. At night they were treated to a night walk in the 10 acre forest.  However, this was no ordinary hike. We added in a twist. The boys had to manouver through the forest blindfolded! Challenging task indeed, but served as a valuable lesson.They had to show discipline and cooperation as a group in order to complete the walk successfully. The boys also enjoyed the challenges of the Ziptopia through the forest, as well as the excitement, thrill and adrenaline rush of Archery Combat, Challenge course and Football Golf.

The activities were great character building exercises for the boys and the Centre itself provided them with modern comforts.

As with all our camps, an Islamic thread ran through all the activities, and the boys commended the balanced programme.

Remarkable place, great food, unforgettable time, great camp!

~ Zahri (