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Norwegian Interfaith Tour of ICCI

On Saturday February 3rd 2018, staff at the ICCI welcomed an interfaith group from Stavanger Norway, along with members of the Dublin Interfaith Forum, as part of the program run by the Dublin Interfaith Forum.

The group were taken on a tour of ICCI accompanied by staff who delivered a very informative session on the history of the ICCI and a detailed talk on Islamic beliefs and practices.  A visit was made to the Library where the group were taken on a brief informative tour by the librarian. Following that, a visit was paid to the Office of Imam where the group met with the Imam and he answered questions posed to him.

In celebration of Green Heart Environmental program the group participants and guides posed for photos to mark the occasion and capture a memory of their visit.

The ICCI were presented with a book on the town of Stavanger in appreciation of the reception and time given by staff.

“The beauty of the mosque and its capacity to address so many needs within the community was mentioned repeatedly by our guests as they were very impressed and privileged to have visited and given such a wonderful guided tour, as we all are each time we visit too!” said Adrian from the Dublin City Interfaith Forum, who accompanied the group in the tour.


The ICCI staff endeavour to present the true image of Islam and correct misconceptions or misinformation about the faith.