Update: Arabic Language Day

21 Dec 2022

The International Arabic Language Day festival was held Sunday 18th of December at 1pm in the events hall of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland. Sheikh Younes Saleh, Director of the Quranic School on behalf of the management of the ICCI, opened the event and a talk about my language, my identity, was delivered by Dr. Jasser Audah. The event included an exhibition of beautiful artwork displays by the students of the various Islamic schools:

NurulHuda Quranic School - ICCI
Iqraa Islamic School
Albayan School -Tallaght
Muslim National School - Clobskeagh
North Dublin Muslim National School
Sudanese School

The students also took to the stage to show their love of the Arabic language.

Certificates were presented to the participating schools.

The event ended with a closing speech and presentation of gifts.

Also as part of the day, a calligraphy workshop was facilited by the Dr Salah Al Moussawy in the seminar room.

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful contributions to make this event a success.